MatriXoOn Hand Sanitizer gel 5 Ltr✅ No more dryness or pain✅Alcohol-free✅ 10X more effective than (alcohol70%)


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10X more effective than (Alcohol 70%)

Non-Alcohol Based.

Enriched with emollients and to suit our kids hands.

MatrixoOn is not sticky, but slippery to help you make all the rubbing movements easily.

hand rubbing movements are printed on the back of every bottle.

5 Ltr economical packing.


138 in stock (can be backordered)


MatriXoOn Hand Sanitizer gel 5 Liter

Hand sanitizer

Our Brand MatrixoOn gel

5 liters MatrixoOn hand sanitizer gel form

MatrixoOn is formulated By Dr. Nemer a Physician and cosmetic Formulation Expert.


Our Hand Sanitizer Is Non-Alcohol Based, Registered, and attested By Dubai Municipality.

Lab results by Dubai Central Labs showed an Efficacy of 99.99992% Germs reduction

N.B.(99.999 is 10x more potent than 99.99%.)


It is  Non-toxic.

Enriched with emollients and humectants to suit their hands.

MatrixoOn covers the hands of your kid with nanofilm for long-lasting protection.

Happy family Wise choice.

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