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ALCOHOL-FREE Hand Sanitizer

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Q- Why MatrixoOn is different?

A- MatrixoOn is made of around 10 Ingredients that work together to serve all aspects of Optimized functionality. Targeting Germs By electromagnetic tactics and delicate your skin with smoothness. Powered by Nano-film that lasts longer on the skin for longer protection.

Safety first: being nontoxic is an advantage to free your mind!

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Matrixoon is available in the UAE.

Not only in the UAE but globally we are competing to become one of the best personal care products Supplier. Our contribution to the UAE industry and our company Wardat Alhoson is one of the most important hand sanitizer suppliers in the UAE.

Why Alcohol is dangerous? Alcohol is dangerous because it is flammable and toxic. to know more Go to:

Q-How to buy as B2B or regional orders? A- We will be happy to serve UAE and regional countries including Oman Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries please drop us an email at [email protected] For a better understanding of your order please include details about your company Name Location Item/items you are interested in with relative quantities so we can give you the lowest possible offer. include your contact details and your position in your organization. distributors all over UAE regions are welcomed including Sharjah and Abudhabi.

We are 2 brothers, graduated from medical college.
After a long hard time, we wanted to do something different, so we decided to establish a company to supply the local market with high-quality personal care products.
In the beginning, we focused on shampoos, creams, and lotions, but due to the concurrent pandemic …
And because we are qualified professionals in both germs and dermatology (skin science); we decided to start with a sanitizer that is more effective and skin-friendly.
The hard work started for weeks between the lab and the office,

Arranging materials…

Model after another…Until we finally succeeded!

Now we are proud of our product MatrixoOn!

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